[Herd] Travellers Blessing.

Started by Travius Trott, 2012 Apr 27, 06:11:48

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I'm curious, so, how many of the different races are in this herd.

39 (31.5%)
53 (42.7%)
25 (20.2%)
Not decided yet.
7 (5.6%)

Total Members Voted: 122

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Bald Cypress

OC Name: (Copperwood)
Forum Name: Bald Cypress
Activity: (Meh)
Planned race: (Pegasus)
Reason to join: (Well, I used to be known as 'MoonShadow', but that ship has sailed. So, if you would please remove BB-788 from the board, that would be most appreciated.)

Additional; I would like to assume a position as a 'Watcher'.


Greetings! I'm tempted to join, but I can't get the game to work so I'm not sure if I can contribute at all.

OC Name: Zen (Zensei Banzai)
Forum Name: GuardianZen
Activity: (currently) Lagging out the minute I step foot into cantermore
Planned race: Unicorn
Reason to join: This guild's philosophy, backstory, etc. just appeals to me.


OC Name: Ganja Guru
Forum Name: GanjaGuru
Activity: Somewhat new, but I try to check game forums daily. I'll probably be more active once the game hits a closed/open beta stage. I am quite 'socially inept' though.. more of a creeper than a speaker.
Planned race: Earth Pony (though I'm a Pegasus atm to explore the world easier)
Reason to join: I know absolutely no one here at LoE as of yet.. (Nomadic introvert) The easiest way to mingle is to join the club, or so they say.

Other Stuff-
Bio: I'm a 23 year old guy and I'm from Gold Beach, Oregon. (Grew up in Iowa though) I'm not an out going person, though not shy, I'm uhh more of an observer in society always watching and listening. I have a high aptitude for creativity, and logical reasoning.

Hobbies: Cooking, Agriculture, Hunting/fishing, Natural Remedies?, Hiking, Woodworking, Metal Smithing, Gaming, Organizing, and Architecture.

Interests: Science, Music, Animations, European Mythology, Motorsports, Plants, Animals, Martial Arts, Digital Art, Medieval Weapons.

I think that's all.. hehe. Sometimes I tend to ramble on when I'm bored. x3
"History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people." ~Martin Luther King, Jr.



Are you guys excited for the upcoming open server weekend?  :D :3


OC Name: Quill Blaze
Forum Name: thefenixfamily
Activity:Totally new, but want to get involved.  I want to help out however I can!
Planned Race:  While I have 3 characters at the moment (all different races), I'm going to be a pegasus for this.
Reason to join: Because the story behind this is really cool IMO, and I want to make friends.  :3

Also would like to be a guide...
The monks are coming, and they are NOT happy.

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