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Started by Weatherboy1, 2012 Oct 01, 20:36:46

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Have you ever had a race during the Stress test? Want more? Well you came to the right place once LoE comes out. The Racing league will organize races on servers. Now I'm not sure if we can do prizes like say, 100 bits or something, I don't know, we'll fix this up later. We will organize rules later, but for right now let's work on building this League.
So I see 2 possibilities of how to do this. Each will have its challenges and different lay outs.
1- We have multiple team of people (or herds) doing the races to represent their herd. They will race in honor of the said herd, and will earn them titles, and MAYBE (Don't take my word) maybe the winning guild will earn bits/ valuable items for the guild. This will require 2 things. One for the Herd to select one person to race. Two, for the racer to be the same Pony race (We can't have Peagusus and Earth Ponies race together too much potential for cheating from the Pegisi)
2- We have independent enters. That means anyone can sign up at will. Much harder to keep track, will have to set up tournaments that would lead up to a 5 man final race.

Now as for registering to be apart of Racing League, There will be 2 sign ups. One for official Member of the organization team (Don't worry, No work until the game releases,and or when we get more info on the game relating to racing.)
The second is a Herd Membership. That means when the game releases, Your herd will be able to compete in tournaments. That means we trust them to compete fairly, and accept any loses.

Organization team membership
1: Pony Name
2: Pony Race
3:Forum name
4: Why do you want to help Organize?

  Racing Herd Membership
1: Name of Herd
2: Number of Members
3: Main Leadership
4: Why are you joining the League?
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Aw, this topic got no love. Bump~

I like it! When LoE is released I'm going to see about organizing a herd that specializes in no-magic, no-wings platforming and parkour. I expect we'll be a frequent participant.


I'm still totally willing to do this when the game comes out!

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