Paragraphs begin with a single word.

Started by Gamepaw, 2016 Dec 27, 09:51:13

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Simple game, person gives you a word and you make a paragraph and then giving a word for the next pone.

They are kind of like those writing prompt things, but shorter and less profressional sounding :3


Once upon a time in the land of Equestria, a lowly farmer was planting seeds. potato seeds. You know what this farmer became? A alicorn. Turns out the secret to alicorns is potato. The potatoes however went on to become a key part in the fight against carrots, the evil orange fruits of points.

So, whoever is next. Your word is Case.

Aqua Fire

"I'll take it." Said a pony in a suit. She took a suitcase full of papers and photos, and left the room. She galloped to a house, where a robbery occurred. She looked around the room. She saw stuff that wasn't even possible, stuff that no pony could do or find, except...
"I found your culprit. It is none other then...
Discord."(Hint: Discord is your topic..)
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