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Started by AudioWaveDasher, 2017 Sep 30, 14:44:06

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Hello. I'm AudioWave Dasher. Im a guitarist/writer/musician. I have 2 guitar based original pony songs that I submitted to the fandom, along with 2 PMV's (PONY MUSIC VIDEOS) to illustrate the story/lyrics. Drop by my channel, have a listen. I do traditional music, so it usually takes longer for me to produce a quality contribution, each one took about 6 months to produce, including, writing, lyrics, vocal melody, drum track, bass, effects, and production of the animated music video which took a review of all 6 seasons to find the right scenes.  Hope you like it, and if you see me in game, say Hi! AND REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT FOR MORE SONGS AND RENDITIONS!

~ AudioWave Dasher



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