An Audio Drama(still thinking on name)

Started by Aqua Fire, 2016 Dec 26, 12:27:29

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Aqua Fire

2016 Dec 26, 12:27:29 Last Edit: 2016 Dec 28, 10:05:55 by Aqua Fire
Hi. I'm thinking on making an audio drama of the mane six getting baby dragons to save Equestria. Here's the plot(this is a WIP, as in I'm making it up as I go.):

All was well in Eqestria. They had new allies. Less and less friendship problems. More parties. More time to relax. That is, until a new threat awoke. It was a dragon. Legend says that this dragon, Lord Drago(I'm horrible at names.) was banished from the dragon kingdom for being a horrible ruler. After 100 moons, he set his eyes on a new kingdom, Eqestria. The two princess defeated him, and banished him into stone. Now, he broke free from his stone prison, and he will stop at nothing to conquer Eqestria. He first went to the dragon kingdom, to claim dragon lord. He destroyed out of the eggs, but Ember, the current dragon lord, managed to save 6 of them. She then tried to find a place to hide them. She asked Twilight and her friends to protect them, and use them to defeat Drago. Ember saw that the eggs were special. She flew back to the dragon kingdom, only to find that all of the dragons were captured.

All I need are voices and art help. Message me if you would like to help. Here are the available voices.

Main Voices:

Pinkie Pie:
Rainbow dash:
Lord Drago:
Baby Dragons: Aqua Fire
Apple bloom:
Sweetie belle:

Backround Voices:

Male voice 1:
Male voice 2:
Female Voice 1:
Female Voice 2: Aqua Fire
Little girl voice 1:
Little girl voice 2:
Little boy voice 1:
Little boy voice 2:

I will also need artwork of the scenes. I will come up with the script when we get the voices for the Mane 6 Spike, Lord Drago, and Ember.
Well, that's all! Thank you, and please join!
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