Favourite Planets

Started by EredarOmen, 2016 Dec 26, 06:57:00

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Come one, come all, please feel free to tell us your favourite planets, they can be either from reality or fiction.  :ellowee:

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Instead of just basically saying "I know some fun planet fact that you don't" so I'm just going to say Earth. :3

I just realized this sounds really mean, I'm sorry of it does. X3

Sweet Brew

Quote from: Sky Clouds on 2017 Jan 07, 10:14:49
I personally like Saturn
When I was like... 4 or 5 I made my own "Comics" and I named my "Studios" "Saturn Studios" so Saturn always has a special connection to me. lol


I would probably pick either Pandora from Avatar or Tython from Star Wars: The Old Republic


I'll have to say my favourite is HD 114762 b, the first exoplanet discovered (1989, confirmed 1991).


Equus is supposed to be a nice planet, very liveable and similar to earth. It just happens to be covered in a strange energy which we don't have on Earth.

If we ever make it there, could be a new start.

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One of the moons of Jupiter rains glass shards sideways, no joke.
Shards of glass fly through the are sideways... Just think about that.

Sandstorms will feel like cuddle puffs after that.

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