MLP Character Adopts

Started by JadeThePegasus, 2016 Dec 25, 14:13:01

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every had any MLP:FIM fancharacters or designs that you didn't use anymore? show them here in the replies :D
i will try to add all those MLP designs in this topic so people who have trouble designing a character can adopt these.

:l o.O :I one important thing thou, i am only showing these designs in this topic so if you want to adopt them, talk to their original owners! the owners will be linked next to the designs. if someone adds a design to this topic, only this person can remove them. you wouldn't have its ownership till the original designer tells me so, to make sure someone doesn't claim a design.

to add a design, you can either reply here or send me personally a message.
if you need help with designing a pony instead, feel free to ask me, i wouldn't mind to help.

for all DeviantART users looking for a design, i'm currently selling some on my DA, feel free to check them out

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