Need some advice on creating an OC

Started by CrescentSnow, 2016 Dec 25, 08:18:10

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I have my pegasi OC named River Dream. I chose Pegasi on the account because on part of myself relates to a bit of them.

I am undecided to what her cutie mark could be and of her talent. Any advice to getting the set of inspiration to finish up the creation. I am not looking create a mary sue, godmode pony.

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Well, the Talent Mark of an OC represents the talent or nature of being of an OC. To determine that, you must decide what you want your OC to be. Who is "River Dream"? Why is "River Dream"? What is "River Dream"? Those are the three questions you must answer.


hm, usually the name of a pony has something to do with their special talent. names don't have to be as obvious as Cutiemarks but if you look, you will notice a link.
if i look at the name River Dream, one of the first things that comes to mind is something that has to do with water. maybe she could have a talent for sailing on rivers?
for the dream part, maybe her colour scheme can have these dream-like colours. pony names occasianly have something to do with a ponies look aswell, like Pinkie Pie who's pink, Rainbow Dash who has rainbow hair and possibly Twilight Sparkle who has dark, twilight-like colours.

these are just suggestions
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Thanks for the advice.

update: I think might have her talent to be doing River tours :). As for colors might set what I have in my icon picture.

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