What are you doing when you are bored?

Started by Thunder Spin, 2016 Dec 21, 08:28:39

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Thunder Spin

2016 Dec 21, 08:28:39 Last Edit: 2017 Jan 08, 03:35:09 by Thundergirl
I don't do something special when I am bored. I am asking you guys, because I don't know what to do. What do you do? Tell us.This way, maybe we help other people in the forum to try something new!


Tbh I tend to come here to LoE when i'm working and bored. Mostly because most work systems haven't worked out that this is a game project and it bypasses the filter results. When I'm at home and I'm bored I open up a random game to get absorbed in the flavor of this months boredom is Terraria, kidnapped a group of friends and started a new world with new characters 


I'm watching some videos on Channel Awesome at the moment
I like Nostalgia Critic  :3 :D

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