Three letter avoidance.

Started by Ryo_D_Disk, 2016 Dec 20, 09:22:12

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Three letter avoidance.

The game is simple enough I will set out the game with a three letter word like END then the person bellow has to write a sentence.

If there sentence contains the letters of the word spelling out END then they lose and a new three letter word gets set. Rinse and repeat.

E.g.(win) END
This game will continue.
E.g. (Lose)
This game won't be done. (gamE woN't Done)

Now here is the hard part. If the person above wins the round by not using any letters in the set word then the following person has to add a sentence so one becomes two then three ext. ( If it goes above 5 then we will set it at that. I'm not that evil)

If the person loses the round the following person can only set the 3 letter word

Any questions before the game starts? No then





Do not worry with it.

*A quick clarification question: What exactly is the challenging part of the additional sentences? Is it that all letters of previous sentences apply to the next(if N and D are in the first, then even if only E is used in the next, that person loses)?


All the letters in the post apply to the challenge, if anywhere in your post the letters of END pop up (or depending word) then this round ends. 

The best way to tackle it is just write a sentence or two and see if someone finds the word in the statement. Then who ever catches the mistake can choose the next word.


*I still do not understand the paragraph about the "hard part," but I guess I will figure it out in due time.


Basically is a preventative from everyone writing a simple sentence

so 1. This is good
2. This is good. I can't think of what to say.
3. This is good. I can't think of what to say. This game was designed in half an hour when I was bored.

rather than.

1. This is good
2. I can't think of what to say.
3. This game was designed in half an hour when I was bored

I just said hard part because I was just writing it for fun. 


So we are meant to utilize prior sentences, continuing the thought logically, without utilizing the three letter word established every time the chain ends? If so, we should probably start again.


That's fine the chain can begin again

END is the starting word to avoid


*Alright. Time to start!

The game has begun anew.


The game has begun anew.  This is going to be fun.

((am I doing this right? X3))

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