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Started by Thunder Spin, 2016 Dec 16, 14:49:53

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Thunder Spin

In this game you describe what Legends of Equestria has given to you in the 21st, the 2nd, the 3rd dy etc. You don't have to say the truth, just normal objects e.g. a hairbrush. You can also say ponies. Don't take it too seriously and keep the forum rules. I made this game for fun, that's why I mentioned that you can say various things.

I begin this, of course. In the 1st day LoE gave me my friend's from school birthday (that's true x3)

Aqua Fire

In the 2nd day, LoE gave me a chance to play. Sadly, I wasn't picked...
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Thunder Spin

In the 3rd day LoE gave me a new TV

Sky Clouds

In the 4th day Legends of Equestria gave me closed L.A.R.

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