Flutteryay and boop emotes

Started by Peace Keeper, 2016 Dec 06, 15:49:38

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Peace Keeper

2016 Dec 06, 15:49:38 Last Edit: 2016 Dec 06, 16:12:39 by Peace Keeper
Hello, I was liking to suggest adding emotes to the forum. Hopefully if it isn't too much to ask, but I can provide you what i have so you can use em for the site. Here is what I have drawn.

Flutteryay emote:

Boop emote:

Twilight boop emote:

Hope these are good enough for use. I am open for questions if you need.
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:yay: or (yay)

:boop: or (boop)

:tboop: :twiboop: or (twiboop) (tboop)

I prefer : over (


What about these 1400 ponymotes


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I think that has an add-on you can use for your browser, fionnafire.

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