Sona OC: Isaiah (Star Strike)

Started by StarStrike25, 2016 Dec 02, 20:18:02

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Ref Picture

Name:"Star Strike"

Race: Pegasus Dragon halfbreed.

Gender: Stallion

Appearance: Red Pegasus with brown main and eyes. His wings are red at the base, but the other feathers are blue and fade to purple at the tips. His blue/purple feathers have stars that mirror the Night Sky and full moon pattern in the center. He has two dragon horns protruding from his head, and a dragon tail with a blue spike on the end. The spike can snap open and double as a claw. When opened his tail-blade-claw can produce an orb of light if he wishes, reasons for this ability are unknown but it seems to drain him fast. He has no fire breath from his dragon side of the family so this might be what he has instead, another theory is that it channels magic similar to a unicorns horn... except can not cast any spell except a poor orb of light that drains all his energy.. His cuty mark is an shooting star (not shone on ref.)  

Talents: Good senses. Can make an orb of light between his horns, unfortunately it drains him and if held to long it will explode.

Residence: None, he wanders

Age: Unknown, most likely teen to young adult

Birthday: Unknown

Personality: Isaiah is kind to others most of the time, however sometimes he can show some aggression. He is very emotional and despite being intelligent does not always think things through. He can be very protective of those he cares for and is not a pony you want to mess with if angered, so... don't hurt his friends (unless you want a normally friendly pony deciding that attacking and bashing your face in is a good idea). His aggression can probably be explained by either his ancestry or his missing memories.  

Likes: Pie, Stars, Flying, Reading, Strategy Games

Dislikes: Being asked about his past. Those who wish to hurt those he cares about. Ponies avoiding him because his odd appearance.

Bio: His memories of his past have faded, he woke up somewhere near Ponyville with no memories of his past and badly injured with no memory of what happened to him. His odd appearance made others suspicious of him and he was unable to answer anything of his origins. He just vaguely remembered having two names, "Isaiah" and "Star Strike". He began to wander hoping to find the answers to his past.  

Notes: he is unsure if he can ever find a special somepony considering his odd appearance that seems to make most ponies avoid him.

Active RPs: None yet!

Friends: Will be added as I make friends on this site and RP with their characters.

Love Interest: If the friends I make here and I ever find a ship for this guy that will be SUPER adorable, I shall add it here.

(will continue being updated and added to. I am avoiding using the bio of my dragonsona on DA who goes by the same name, even though this guy is basically him as a pony.)
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