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Started by Sweet Brew, 2016 Dec 01, 15:12:04

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Sweet Brew

2016 Dec 01, 15:12:04 Last Edit: 2016 Dec 01, 15:13:49 by Sweet Brew

As Christmas comes closer our wishlists get longer. ovO
Tell us what you guys and gals are hoping for this Christmas!

I'm hoping for a decent microphone and to finish a project.
Apart from that there's not much that I want... Well besides a New3DSXL, but I'm going to be shoveling snow for that so it'll be my money, not a Christmas gift.


Money...lots of it  :]

Since most of the stuff I would desire would normally comes out during the Spring and Fall time but just as Sweet I get money from shoveling snow.
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I would like to wish for ME time x3

That, and a portable speaker mostly. my laptop, tablet, and 3ds speakers I can't hear much.
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New socks would be nice.

Winter is the best.


I guess I would like a lot of things but the one thing I would love is to have a nice calm Christmas Day where my parents are not stressing over how much chicken they have to cook.

I know. I am a weird human being  x3
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I wish I have an MP4 player, and a watch. Nothing more. But I would also like it if my dad fixes that darn "moving" desk.

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