Started by Snow Crystals, 2016 Nov 29, 13:59:44

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Snow Crystals

2016 Nov 29, 13:59:44 Last Edit: 2017 Jan 27, 13:17:47 by Snow Crystals
3 Oc objects: 1 pony, 1 wolf,  1 alicorn  in a 30,000 pixel by 30,000 pixel  unfinished

proof of dimensions

Alicorn: "Yugilover1"

Wolf: "Gamepaw"

Pony: "Super Sayian Pony"

bat:  "Sandfire"

cyborg:  "Maplewood"   position

Unicorn: "Marble" (Misty Fly)

Pegasus: "Peace Keeper"

the full scale of the picture: ????

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to upload such a thing is to have 30,000 by 30,000  then printscreen and use paint  hit ctrl V   then black the edges not the pictures where it's drawn just so you don't have more picture MB's...   Then (save as) and then you can upload to imgur and divine-art.

No one needs 4k to be happy when 30k is beyond the point.

And My cousin still has to put in 31 more OC to the picture that she has on her flash-drive.

These pictures is under the 2016 project that Princess Cygnus is working on.

Princess Cygnus

2016 Nov 29, 16:17:25 #1 Last Edit: 2017 Feb 14, 17:32:25 by Princess Cygnus
I like to say these in order

#1  Super Sayian Pony   
#2 Gamepaw                 
#3 Yugilover1                 
#4 SandFire                   
#5 Maplewood               
#6 Misty FLy  (marble) 
#7 Peace Keeper           
#8 Sliverlight Castleguard
and so on to 34

Princess Cygnus

2017 Feb 14, 17:33:00 #2 Last Edit: 2017 Feb 14, 17:55:47 by Princess Cygnus
#9  Dr. induction
#10 IronDust RN

Princess Cygnus

Because it was such a big file it crashed and now I have to restart

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