Which My Little Pony character are you the most?

Started by Thundergirl, 2016 Nov 28, 07:29:39

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Which My Little Pony character are you?

Twilight Sparkle
3 (27.3%)
2 (18.2%)
Doctor Hooves
1 (9.1%)
Pinkamena Diane Pie
3 (27.3%)
Daring Do
2 (18.2%)

Total Members Voted: 11

Voting closed: 2017 Mar 31, 08:29:39

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So what is your Favourite pony? What is the character you think you look like the most?


Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are my favorites

meanwhile I am most like Pinkie pie haha

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Quote from: CuddlySylvy on 2016 Nov 28, 16:35:25
Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are my favorites

meanwhile I am most like Pinkie pie haha

Exactly the same^-^
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Probably Applejack... If there was a derpy vote I could vote that one
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Aqua Fire

My oc is a mix, for she's adventurous and brave, but funny, and full of energy(sorta). I used a pinkie pie base for her the first time I drew her, which is how she was born. Her mane style is rainbow dashes/daring do's.
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Being a southern girl with a crazed love for the color orange... Applejack~
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I've always had an insane hunger for reading and knowledge. Sometimes, when there aren't any books to stick my nose into, I'd ask the person right next to me, "What's your story?" So I think I'd say Twilight.

Oh, and additionally, whenever a test or an exam pops up, I always try a little too hard to make sure I ace it. And I've always strived for the compliment and praise of a Teacher who tolerated my one-question-per-minute rate of asking. I did, however, stop doing it once I realized that I interrupted lectures a little too often. But, I'll never stop asking when there's knowledge to be learned, especially from a person as knowledgeable and eager to answer as my favorite teacher. Reminds you of a certain purple mare, doesn't it?

However, she's not the only one I think I'm alike. Fluttershy and I may share some qualities too.

You see, I used to be a model: A fashion model. The kind of model that Fluttershy was for a brief episode or two. And I acted almost exactly like her when I modeled. Shy, beautiful, handsome--at least, from what I've been told. And, overall, a very good model. I could've probably even gone into acting. But after awhile, I absolutely abhorred the idea of doing another fashion shoot, or another catwalk. I was finished. Done. I wouldn't allow myself into another tight piece of swimwear. Even though I was thrilled to have been able to do what I did, I did not like doing it. I said, "No." And at the end of that episode, I no longer modeled. So maybe  I'm more alike to Fluttershy than I am Twilight.

But then there's RainbowDash.

...You know, I suppose there's not much alike between me and her, but there was one defining moment in my life that told me that I was brave and honorable (as RainbowDash is during all the moments of danger in the shows), and that moment was one where I, and nearly eight others, died.

Yes, and I can remember those moments quite clearly...

Hold on. I'll update this post maybe tomorrow.

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Aqua Fire

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I think I'm mostly like daring do, because I'm adventuress. Here's a pic of my oc by Cyree123

Here are two pics that I made, but if it doesn't show up, there may be links.

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I think I am most like Ditzy Doo/Derpy Hooves/Detsella Renombrada Morningdew.

At least based on how she was ponysonified in Slice of Life, as well as my own head-canon.

The OC in my profile pic, Aurora, is not me in pony form, just the main character in a story I wrote.

(By the way, the name Detsella Renombrada Morningdew as Ditzy Doo's first name comes from here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/56774/alarm-clock

It is an amazing (if confusing) read. I had to read it twice or three times to understand everything that was happening.)
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Sky Clouds

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I think I look like Twilight Sparkle. If there was a fluttershy I was going to pick it . Well, no, I think I may look like a version of Rarity and Pinkie. I'm not sure.

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Quote from: Thundergirl on 2016 Nov 28, 07:29:39
So what is your Favourite pony? What is the character you think you look like the most?

My favorite pony is Fluttershy, but the pony I'm most like is Rarity.
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I took the test and it said Fluttershy, albiet I don't like her. Too real to the real-life me for me to enjoy her, perhaps.

I like Dash, though. If I could be Dash, I totally would. Being able to fly fast and go really anywhere on-the-fly (unintended pun) is something that certainly appeals to me. I mean, heck, my OC is pretty similar to Dash as well, albeit with a more military background.
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Possibly Celestia.

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