Christmas holiday request

Started by Thunder Spin, 2016 Nov 26, 03:58:39

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Thunder Spin

2016 Nov 26, 03:58:39 Last Edit: 2016 Dec 31, 08:22:45 by Thundergirl

Christmas will be here in some days, so I'd like to ask if somepony would like to see his/her OC in christmas outfits. I don't really draw christmas outfits well, but I'll try. Soo... I am giving it as a christmas present to everyone who may want a christmas-dressed OC.
Please if your OC is a griffon or anything else except a pony either a dog or a cat, don't ask for drawing it (because I can't draw them)

                                                                                   I hope you like them!

Aqua Fire

2016 Dec 17, 10:50:29 #1 Last Edit: 2016 Dec 17, 10:52:07 by Aqua Fire
Technically, my oc is not a pony, but at the same time, she is. I already made a paper ornament of her, but maybe I could have one as my avatar. Here she is! Check my other deviantart posts to see how she looks like.
Hey, look. I have a deviantart. Come check it out. My DeviantArt


Hello! I'd love to see Crimson in some kind of Christmas wear! Even though I'm a day late  :3
Here's his ref sheet~
Spoiler: show

Thanks so much for the oppurtunity!  :D
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Thunder Spin

2017 Jan 01, 07:10:41 #3 Last Edit: 2017 Feb 03, 06:42:34 by Thundergirl
I will be closing the thread and locking it in January 30th. Perhaps I open it again next year's Christmas, if it won't be closed because 120 days will pass.

No, the thread will be opened, no matter what.


Eh sure why not. I never drew a sketch of my OCs so all I've really used is pony creators, here are some front and side references from LoE's creator that I've got in stock. Feel free to become a hairdresser and make the hair more personalized than what you see there if you want.

Thunder Spin

2017 Feb 03, 06:44:08 #5 Last Edit: 2017 Feb 26, 06:12:17 by Thundergirl
I'm sorry if you want the drawings but I forgot it and my internet wasn't good , so I didn't do them. Sorry


@Segatendo 's and @Takadaroba 's requests will be done tomorrow! Sorry for leaving you wait, @Aqua Fire
:( .


Oh! I thought this had been dropped for now!
You don't have to do me if you don't want to now, the time is well up. Unless you reeeally still want to.

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