What are you thankful for?

Started by Sweet Brew, 2016 Nov 20, 00:45:03

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Sweet Brew

2016 Nov 20, 00:45:03 Last Edit: 2016 Nov 20, 00:51:10 by Sweet Brew

American Thanks giving is just a few days away, even if you don't celebrate it being in another country or whatever you can still be thankful for stuff.

So write down your list of thankful things here.

1: The Game being so close to the LAR release, it's been in development for 5 years, true as that's ridiculously late it's still amazing to have a hard working team making it and spending their free time to make something we'll enjoy for $0.00.

2: All the other freeware out there that's helped me learn to further peruse a hobby and potential career, and all the physical things I got for that too.

3: Tea.



What i'm thankful for:

1. @F1r3w0rks <3

2. My friends and fans ^^

3. The ability to do what I love on YouTube

4. I'm with you on the snow thing @Sweet Brew XD


1. This game existing.  ^-^

2. My friends and family.  :P

3. Thankful that I'm blessed to go to sleep and wake up everyday.  :D

4. Reeses peanut butter cups.  <3

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