I'll draw your ponies!

Started by Keldeluxe, 2016 Nov 19, 03:00:29

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I was inspired by the looks of the Royal Guards and their armor, so I made this guy, whom I've named Irroro.

If it's not too much, could you put armor on him? I've always wanted to see how he'd look under armor.

Hope this request's not too much. I know you've received a lot of requests other than this one.

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Hi! Wanna draw Relic? C:
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Not sure if this post is still open, but why not try?  :P
Here is my OC, Crimson Striker!
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If you decide to draw him, do whatever you want! Artist's choice  :]
Thank you so much for the oppurtunity, I really appreciate it!
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Hi this may be an old post but if its still up and if your looking for requests do you do ponies that aint OC's and also I was wondering if you do anything apart from ponies?  :]  let me know would love to chat

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Quote from: Takadaroba on 2016 Dec 26, 17:05:51Not sure if this post is still open, but why not try?  :P
Here is my OC, Crimson Striker!
love your OC colours remind me so much of big mac love it <3

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