Flowers Shine though the darkest night.

Started by Mogeko, 2016 Nov 18, 07:16:49

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I don't know if this should be a thing but Meh, I'll have fun doing this ;D;!

Summary of the Story:

''Whats that?.''

For those people with the names in the story, Plz dun harmz me if i use yo name.

Aqua was Silent.

Aqua stretched her wings. They curled within seconds upon sprouting. It's hurting, Aqua told herself before closing the wings to her back. Above is a place of hate, a place with no blue sky or green fields of Happiness, No Flower to be seen, and a Gray sun that shows no mercy to what grows under it. For what is trapped underground stays underground. Even though Aqua never Saw the Bright gold sun hanging from a Stary string above the Blue sky. Even though she never saw Bright blue Oceans With coral that could light up Dark Water and Fish that can perform Shows under a Bright moon, And Aqua will never see A Bright moon that people called Cheese and Milk.

Aqua was alone, So was Scarlet.

Scarlet was an Earth pony with Red and brown hair, Her coat was white but now Grey from the lack of Light. A Person above Aqua who knows she's there but can't see her because they forbid her. She Fights with her Thoughts every night in the bed Weeping alone for Nature to grow in her Head. The Bright stars Circle her as she Mourns for those Alone in the dark. In Scarlets Sleep she could see a pony Kneeling on Golden Flowers.
Scarlet can hear Unique words come from the mouth of a pony with wings covered in Bright Yellow flowers. a Cutie mark Shining Through Darkness. Scarlet's was covered with a Coat, but under the coat was a Gray patch, Scarlet doesn't Know what a Cutie mark is.

Scarlet was cold, so was Thunder.


I might Continue this.

My hands hurt ;¬;


Scarlet - ScarletInk

Aqua - AquaFire

Thunder - ThunderGirl.

Music used. . . Well I listened To YOU Map by HITA EighthSun

Should I continue this or nay ?

Edit! Fixed some stupid errors and fixed Scarlet.

We all are lost Stars, But i seem to have Found you in the Galaxy


Oh, Mog, this is so nice, I'm sorry I didn't read it before  :')

And I'm not mad about you using Scarlet, just... she's an Earth Pony, not a Unicorn.  X3
"Oh, somewhere deep inside of these bones
An emptiness began to grow
There's something out there, far from my home
A longing that I've never known"
- "Jack's Lament", Danny Elfman


I am waaaaaay laaaaaaate. But thanks for just mentioning my name!

Nightshade Star

I kinda wanna see what happens next...
Plz continue

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