Seagrass Shoals!

Started by Seagrass Shoals, 2016 Nov 14, 02:56:06

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Seagrass Shoals

Hi, everypony!

A little while ago, I bingewatched the rest of the current MLP season and it got me thinking about my own pony OC, and what she'd look like. After lots of careful thinking about her and what her cutiemark would be, Seagrass Shoals was born!

The image might be a little big to post directly here, so here's a link instead!

As you can see, she's a unicorn with a hermit crab cutiemark! It's holding a heart because like Seagrass, I'm a sensitive and empathetic person who loves her friends and cares and feels deeply for others. My Western Zodiac sign is Cancer as well, hence the crab. :)

This was my first attempt at drawing in an MLP style, so I'd love to get some feedback! Hopefully this won't be the first and last time I draw Seagrass. ;)

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