Limited Access Release Applications! [CLOSED]

Started by Ellowee, 2016 Nov 07, 19:49:09

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2016 Nov 07, 19:49:09 Last Edit: 2016 Nov 21, 19:52:53 by Ellowee
Applications for the Limited Access Release are now closed!

Hi again, everypony!

It's finally time! We're very happy to open up applications for the Limited Access Release of Legends of Equestria!

We've gone into detail about just what 'Limited Access Release' means, and you can find the full details here, but just a quick summary:

The Limited Access Release is designed as a 'staggered' release, allowing us to have the game online and playable permanently for a controlled number of players, at first, so that we can thoroughly test the game (as it is now, and with some of the big additions we have planned before the full release!), and hopefully get lots of high-quality feedback from the players. We call it 'staggered' because, as the next few weeks and months roll by, we plan to increase the limit of players, leading directly into a full release of the game once we're sure we've polished it up and made the best darned horse adventure possible!

Remember, at this stage we're looking for players who are going to be able to help us test the game and give great feedback; if you're more interested in playing and enjoying the game in a completed state, we'd recommend waiting until the full release!

The L.A.R. Application will be available until 21st November; that gives you all two weeks to get your details in! After that, we'll review all the applicants and give the selected players the details they'll need to play the game in time for the L.A.R. starting in December!

If you're not successful this time, don't worry; as this is a 'staggered' release, we'll be looking for more and more people at each stage - and the full release really isn't that far away, anyway!

We really appreciate the dedication and love everyone has shown us over the years of development, and we look forward to taking these last few steps with you to get the game going for everypony to enjoy permanently!

Good luck, everypony! We'll see you on the hype train!


Hooray, how exciting!  Good luck to everyone applying.  :]
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Sounds good. One thing tho: That face she's making in that gif is kinda creepy. Like a mix between a bedroom face and an angry face and a smile.


Exciting news! Applied, and hopefully ill get in soon!
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It's good to see that this project is still moving forwards! Congrats on reaching this stage.


I'm excited, and I'm glad you're finally reaching this stage.
...But, I think I may have accidentally submitted 2 identical applications. Apologies if so. X3


Crimson Tail

I've already submitted my application minutes after they opened (totally did not refresh the home page every second), hopefully I'll be one of the accepted ones. So I could eat bugs!
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Thrasher Dash

All aboard the road to december!
I hope I get in!
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Finally blasted through that, took an hour or two, ended up writing like, eight paragraphs. :c

Will it be announced when the applicants are selected? I don't want to forget, and not check my email, and then miss seeing what happens, that'd suck.


Quote from: Cooly568 on 2016 Nov 07, 21:39:26
Finally blasted through that, took an hour or two, ended up writing like, eight paragraphs. :c

Will it be announced when the applicants are selected? I don't want to forget, and not check my email, and then miss seeing what happens, that'd suck.

When the applicants are chosen, all who are accepted will be notified appropriately. Do not worry about that part.

I wish you the best of luck!

Chicago Ted

Already submitted my application. I eagerly await your response.
Good night, and good luck.

Sunny Skies (NLR)

Already submitted my application ^^ i hope to be accepted :3

Stardust Dragon

While I'm not sure I can really offer my services for a testing period, I am excited to hear you guys are taking great strides in getting this ready for the rest of us.  Spectacular job, and I wish everyone luck in grabbing their limited release positions!  Leave no stone un-tested!


CMC Scootaloo

Wow, now it is finally happening! "Legends of Equestria" is growing up fast now. D:
I'm proud of this game for making it so far and happy that I could watch its development and progress almost since the beginning of it. It feels like watching a foal growing up. <3

I'm going to send this to some people I know now. I hope I will meet them once everything starts!
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It's finally happening. It's my time to shine. At least if I am one of the ones to be picked for December.

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