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Started by Sweet Brew, 2016 Oct 21, 12:42:16

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Sweet Brew

Just a threat for posting Minecraft creations you want to show off!
Just please state weather you use creative or not, if you used any mods or pure vanilla and if you used a resource pack. ^-^

Here are some of mine.

Some have a resource pack, others don't.
Spoiler: Wolfhound resource pack • show

Spoiler: Classic • show

Used Optifine, Wolfhound resource pack (With the first three) and Sildur's Shaders.
All done in survival, no cheats. I play too much.


Both of these were in creative on PS4, so no packs or anything:
Spoiler: I made this. • show

Spoiler: And my brother made...this. • show

I've made some other stuff, too, but not quite as grandiose as a village or stuff like that.
Well, except for that one time I made a mini-Cloudsdale on my own because my bro wouldn't help me with something MLP-related. Then we sold our XBOX...
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Thunder Spin

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I have the demo version of minecraft and I have not taken any pictures of the buildings I made :c .

Now I have the lastest version of the real minecraft (release 1.11.2, 17w  something...) I will post soon some creations.
Okay, this IS NOT my creation but I like it and I'd like to show it to you, too
Spoiler: Minecraft creation • show

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The house is in the village, so I didn't make the house. But I made the bad decorations. More decorations soon. If there are users who remember this topic.
Spoiler: Decoration • show


Built this entire walled town, full of gates and drawbridges. Not to mention the lookout towers and cinema.


Is too many pictures too post just here, so imgur gallery :3

Aqua Fire

I made a sky high restaurant. The chefs work underground, while the customers eat in the sky. I don't have a picture of it..
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