The Overcomer *short story*

Started by Mogeko, 2016 Oct 20, 15:18:43

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I may not be the best.

This is a story about Self Doubt. Don't read if you have problems or is against this.

It was a Saturday Afternoon, 6 Am. I closed my Laptop, grabbed my phone and sat in bed. I scrolled through Instapony.

*a picture of a group of friends*

Nightstar: There is nobody i would rather be with right now.

They don't like you. They don't care. Your worthless.

I closed my phone and Went to sleep.

I was floating in a Gray world, no colour. Ting!. I turned around. It was me, My old self. My old self Had a pink crayon in her hand, She Started to draw scribbles on the wall.

You don't have the talent.

The words floated towards her, I threw my hoof out trying to stop it. a Light-Gray glow came from her heart as the world faded. I turned around. It was me, still my old self.

My old self had piles, after piles of chains circling around her.

You are weak.

The word floated towards her, as the same as last time glowed a light-gray before another chain appeared.

I floated towards her, Fell to the chain-y floor, Pulled her close and hugged me.

  You matter

The chains faded as well as the dream. I woke up, Opened the curtains and looked outside. You can do this
My birthday is today, and my friends are outside waiting outside for me.

Finished, Please don't hate me ;¬;

We all are lost Stars, But i seem to have Found you in the Galaxy

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