Legends of Equestria is Hiring!

Started by Ellowee, 2016 Oct 16, 19:20:14

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You probably need to have 18 years old... Or maybe older ^^?


If I recall right, you have to be at least sixteen years of age for all teams bar Human Resources and Moderation, where you must be at least eighteen years of age.

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Quote from: Annithegamer234 on 2017 Jan 20, 07:13:45
You probably need to have 18 years old... Or maybe older ^^?

The listed departments state a minimum of 16 years of age on the first post of the thread.  Any additional information or requirements based on each individual department will be dictated on the first post.

There are departmental exceptions, such as moderation, which requires applicants to be a minimum of 18.  Such information would be posted under that team's recruiting post if/when said team is hiring.

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Hmm, so who do I go to for a bit of further information?
I'm interested in the Systems Designers as I absolutely adore this kind of thing, but never having a position in it because people only want "Experienced" designers has led me to never have worked with it on a team.
The classic "Can't get hired because you need work history" lament. lol

Anyways, what would the requirements be?
I'm genuinely interested in this position as I have a lot of fun with it and friends have commented on me having good ideas from time to time, nothing to brag about but I'd love to give it a shot.

I have a flexible mind and understanding of the limitations of code(I can't code though) and such so I won't be coming up with stupid ideas.

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I suggest sending an email to the recruiter if you need more information.


I can play ? ^^ (PS : I'm french ^^")



The only thing I'd be good at is the "other works" in 2d art. I'm pretty good at character design. I could design places too. But just sketches really. Designing is what I'm good at, but putting it to work... not so much.

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are concept artist positions still available? i see y'all need some more 2d artist and was just wondering if that included concept artist?


Hi everyone, i know you're looking for female voice and i'm a guy, a french guy x)

I can talk in english and maybe an accent would be great for somes characters.

Idk if you have planned to make translations for the game but if you want someone for this, i can do it and be a voice actor in french too. It's just a suggestion, reply to me if you want me to do something.

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I would like to join as a programmer.  I have professional experience in C#, but none of my open source work uses C#.  My Github is https://github.com/Funmungus, and one current project is https://github.com/Funmungus/scriptor.  I am just about to finally release a C library that I have been working on for years(look forward to it this month) and then I will have time to devote to LoE.


I cannot recruit, but luck and wishes to all that have!


Oh wow, I might try voice acting even if my voice isn't that great in my opinion but it's worth a shot anyway   x3
I'll try to record some stuff as soon as I can... Anyway I wish the best of luck to everyone  ^-^


Hmm... I don't know if this will ever be a thing, but are you going to ever do translations for LoE (I know someone else mentioned this as well)?

I know MLP is kind of a big thing in Germany, and while I am not a native speaker, I have lived there for 4 years, and I know a lot more about connotation and cultural nuances that might escape those who only studied the language itself.

I am already a LAR tester, and I am currently in college, but something like this is a task that would be a lot easier to help out with than some of the other jobs.
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I just sent another application for programming. I really hope I am accepted  ^-^

Side note on the translation, I could probably do Japanese.

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Im a brony musician and have a few original song compositions along with pony music videos I can donate if it would be of use. These are traditional songs done with instruments, and not electronically made. Check them out if you're interested.



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Quote from: Asriel on 2017 Feb 25, 12:01:28
Hmm... I don't know if this will ever be a thing, but are you going to ever do translations for LoE (I know someone else mentioned this as well)?

We don't currently plan to translate the game into other languages. We're still writing an awful lot of it, and everything is subject to change, so it wouldn't really make sense to get people to start converting what we have implemented into another language, only to tell them later on that we need them to re-do a lot of it or do a whole bunch more.

That might change once the game is out, and we have the base game locked down; at that point, when we have a known quantity to translate, it might be feasible. We'd have to weigh the benefit of doing it against the effort it takes, though; we'd have to get multiple trustworthy people who are proficient in dozens of languages to make sure it's all accurate and that we cover all the requested languages, and that might all be effort we can better direct elsewhere. That's not to say it won't happen; like I said, it's something we can definitely look at once we've actually got a locked-down list of what words are gonna be in this thing!
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 ;) I can work with some 2D artwork, maybe do some structural designs :3

To be honest I never helped with a game before so, this is new.


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Hi, I am a male, and i know it said only female voices, but I have a pretty low voice and was wondering if i could help in anyway possible? Is it worth applying? I have never done anything like it, except make videos on youtube. I can also sing, but again a low voice, but a decent falsetto? Do you need a singer? Soz about Username, its a little misleading but was for whenever the game comes out =) cant wait =)


I would like to help, but I can not do any of that. :c

Maybe if someday the voice translations can help you with Spanish, I hope you get a lot of help! :D

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