Meet a Tainted God.

Started by Nether the Tainted God, 2016 Oct 13, 22:28:24

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Nether the Tainted God

I pride myself on my gaming skill.

My name is Nether the Tainted God. I love games!

My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle.

I havn't seen a My little pony episode in awile so I'm a little rusty, but there are a few things I remember.

I actually had a game design in mind with a story and everything. But I digress.

Hello and have a nice day!


Greetings and welcome to the forums and to LoE. Please check out the rules explore and have fun. There's lots to see and do and all the time in equestria to see it, there's Arts, Videos, Stories, Singers RP'ers and more so join us, in the madness my friend  ^-^


Welcome to the forum my new friend! Remember to take a look at the Forum Rules to keep yourself up to date. Hope to see another active member of the forum around and I'm sure you'll make a lot of friends. But most of all, remember to HAVE FUUUN!! :D
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