Safety for Everyone?

Started by AmaaDivine, 2016 Oct 08, 13:40:26

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I am curious, when this comes out, how are we are going to make sure it would be a safe environment for everyone to enjoy? Espically with the not so..savory types of fans that ruin it for everyone else, safety for younger kids and females. I'm a female myself and while i'm fine, I don't want to be harassed or stalked or anything that would make me unwillingly be unable to enjoy the game or have fun in the game.

Should there be a seperate map for more older fans?
I hate to be the one saying this, I just don't want younger kids or any older fans get sexually harassed or bullied.


Hello AmaaDivine, I appreciate your question.

This is a very valid concern, and one that we have been working at for many years. Some of the features already built into the game involve the Chat Filter, and other internal systems for Moderators to see when issues arise, and handle them. We have a pretty large and dedicated moderation team, and in the rare moments that something has gotten past our systems, they have dealt with it very swiftly. Also, of course, if there is ever a problem you want to notify them of, you can always get in contact with them quickly and easily. No process or system will ever be perfect, but it has served us well time and time again.

Beyond that, while the idea of a separate map/room is intriguing, such is not our intention. Our plan is to have servers for all ages, and that means ensuring that they are always safe for the younger crowd. It has worked for us during all our previous events, and we are confident that it will continue to keep all players safe and comfortable.

To reiterate, if you ever have any sort of concern, on the forum or in the game, and it is not seen to quickly enough for whatever reason, you can always report it to the moderation team. They will remedy any issue as quickly as possible.

I hope I addressed your concerns, and if you have any further questions, please message me!


It wasn't until the last OSW that I finally encountered somebody I didn't like; pretty crummy guy spewing cynical opinions and saying some fairly racist stuff in global chat  >:/ . Wanted to block him, but the block function wasn't working yet. (Think there's also a report function, but not sure if that would've particularly mattered for the one weekend)

Will blocking character names/usernames be working by the December release?  ^-^
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If you ever come across any rude, crude, uncool ponies who're being total creeps, jerks, stalkers, etc; you can always talk to me about it <3 Or any of the other moderators on our team.

We're all super approachable, and very good at what we do. If an unsavory pony ever tries to make your life miserable, only to flip around and make it sound like they're the "real victim here", we'd see through that act in a hot minute :nod:

Jcfraven has already phrased it beautifully so I don't have much to add other than I'm here for you too! We all are :)

Not to be confused with Zukiuke


I'd rather they keep the game within the boundaries of E for everyone. Just feel that will do it better overall. The idea of an "adult" server on ponies makes me gag a bit.

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