Legends of Equestria Limited Access Release: All The Details!

Started by Ellowee, 2016 Oct 07, 20:34:03

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 :D Ever since the panel at MWBF 2016 I have been waiting for this for months. This will be so awesome!

Thrasher Dash

Woo hoo!I can't wait,I've always enjoyed this game for years,and I can't wait to help out with fixing all the bugs!It'll be a great experience for me when I start into game animation and animation in general!All aboard the hype train! ^-^
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Oooo, I think I might try my hand at applying! :D
Of course, my studies have started and I'll probably get busy, though if I had the chance to play/test the game, I'd (try to) set aside some free time to explore it, report bugs, give feedback and just enjoy the game in overall.
That being said though, I never really had early access experience except for one revamped site (I had to have a code to be able to register before it was opened to the public though, so I dunno if that would count), and I'm not sure if having little to no experience with such would affect my (or anyone's) potential application.
Either way, good luck to everyone who applies!¨:)


I have been waiting for this announcement for years ( at least it felt like years X3 ) and now it´s finally here.  :D

I only had the chance to participate in the last 2 open server events ( well I am only a brony since then ) and didn´t play as much because I actually didn´t know what to do  :P . I just grinded some lvl spoke to some people and roamed around exploring the world.
I hope ( like everybody else  :P ) to get into the closed alpha ( I guess maybe beta  :P ) to finally explore some of the quests and dig a little bit deeper into the game... and there is plenty of feedback where I am  lol I pretty much always have ideas for improvement and searching for bugs is kind of my hobby though I mainly try to find ways to get out of bounds. I kinda have the feeling that getting out of bounds won´t be possible in this game  X3 . I always have improvement ideas for all kinds of games but usually when there is some big company behind the game there is pretty much no chance they even bother to listen to ideas form some random people. In this game I might actually get the chance to suggest something  :3 .

Thunder Spin

That is awesome! I can't wait to read the whole text! ( i didnt read the whole of it x3)

Kat the skeleton

Hey you guys at the team are awesome! You made a GAME! I can`t wait! I just wanted to say thank you. You made a game for other ponys. that's more than I have done. I want to join the team.


Oh my goodness, I'm so excited! Reading this post makes me so hyped for LoE's limited access, and I hope i can get a spot!   ^-^

This game has never failed to amaze me, and wow, color-customizable socks? I can't wait! :D
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Limited access release. *heavy breathing*
But i can wait until the sign up forms are out. This will be my chance to help out. If my schedule doesnt effect anything :P


Ahh, so exciting! Fingers (or hooves.) crossed I get in! :D ^ ^


I'll definitely put in an application for December.  Now that I got a Wi-Fi range extender, I'll be able to test the game on my old HP Pavillion from 2010 in addition to my aging laptop and my current HP Envy, which had a graphics card installed last week. 


I will be honest as much as I would LOVE to be a part of this, I would absolutely be a BAD choice for this. While I have beta'ed in the past for Star Trek Online, I am more of a person for testing stress levels than for bugs. I have found a few bugs before, but I am not built for it. Sorry, and good luck!

CMC Scootaloo

It finally happens! Much as most others in the team were working on the game for years, I was watching it grow for years myself while playing it!
Seeing it really come so far warms my heart. <3 I hope I get to meet many ponies I know once the servers are open! 0:)
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OMG! OMG! OMG! The applications are comming!  :D

Time to keep a closer look on the site's announcements, and I mean closer!

So the best luck for everyone!!! :D


when i was little, I played Spyro Ripto's rage and found ways to glitch in certain levels into areas that you shouldn't be able to get to. can't wait to start looking for glitches in this game.

Aria BIaze


Moon princess

Their certain to get alot of Apps from alot of ponies, me included who want to help with the game and get it in shape for release as soon as possible  :]


Excellent news guys! Really looking forward to this!  :3


Definately looking forward to this. I've played the game for the last 7 or so releases, so it'd be great to become one of the permanent play-testers ^-^. Bug reporting can occasionally be awesome if you find ridiculous bugs.

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