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Started by The Killer Legacy, 2016 Oct 02, 02:43:45

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The Killer Legacy

Yeah, I finnaly remembered this place. I think nobody knows who I am since I neve introduced myself here, so...

Im TKL, male, Brazilian Brony, Gamer, cuteness lover  :3, Pinkie Pie fan  :D, I love the babies cuteness  ^-^, babies cake fan, fanfic writer and I think Its that so.

I came back here because of the game, but since its not online yet, I will wait. And came here too because wanted to show my OC too that I will be showing in a topic if you wanna check out.
That's me.


Greetings and welcome to the forums and to LoE. Please check out the rules explore and have fun. There's lots to see and do and all the time in equestria to see it, there's Arts, Videos, Stories, Singers RP'ers and more so join us, in the madness my friend  ^-^

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