Its me SSP!

Started by Super sayian pony, 2016 Oct 02, 00:30:24

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Super sayian pony

Hi ponies! I'm here cuz I wanna! You shush Napalm I know I've been here for awhile I'm cuz I wanna.

Anyway with that outa the way. I'm SSP! I'm the one that keeps stealing your cookies or the one giving them. :3
I have made friends [And enemies wouldn't ya believe] Anyway I like the ponies here and I wanna get to know more ponies, woofs, griffons, and many other species or animal :3 and I hope I can see more new ponies on the forums and get to talk to them instead of only seeing them on chat the day before the OSW (Open Server Week)



I'm conflicted giving the introduction post wouldn't make sense since your in the chatbox so often but I am compelled to because its an introduction

you shall be spared the Copy paste of Ryo Disk

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