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Started by ScribbleStitch, 2016 Oct 01, 21:25:33

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i was doing my chores while thinking about the whole nightmare moon/luna thing, and was talking to myself about the comics` (which i don't consider canon) view on it. The creatures/force that turned her evil got power from her jealousy and resentment towards Celestia. Magnifying it, and getting even more powerful. That`s when it hit me. those qualities are exactly the same as...

[move] O: THE SIRENS O:[/move]

let me know what you thing of this idea. I`ve never had a headcanon like this before so i need to lie down before my head explodes X3

Icy Shield

I never completly denied that Luna get possessed by dark evil powers. But I also see that Luna more or less willingly choose herself to go this path of revenge. And I still think that she still have these negative feelings with or with out dark powers that got her possessed, especially after all she been through and her 1000 years imprisonment on the moon is something that one can bare or accept.
Of course she regrets of what she became back then, but I'm also sure Luna still holds some grudge and jelousy on Celestia and fact she was banished for millennium losing all her old  friends and world she knew. It's not that easy to accept and forget.

Let it snow!


:o I never made that connection before, but it has merit! It would make sense for there to be some involvement of an outside force causing the change though. Maybe the sirens were originally from the moon, and were 'released' by the solar eclipse Luna caused. Then simply seized the chance to overthrow Celestia? Though, during the Cutie Re-Mark, we don't see any signs of the sirens during the Nightmare Moon reality. Maybe the sirens draw their power from the same source that made Luna into Nightmare Moon? (I didn't watch the whole movie, as I don't have a very good idea how their magic works ^.^')  

I do wish that the show put a little more detail into her transformation though. During Twilight's Kingdom, Luna almost looked surprised when that dark magic surrounded her. It seemed that she didn't anticipate the change from her reaction. Whatever that magic was, it was caused/it appeared when she blocked out the sun with the moon, creating the solar eclipse. But we never get a proper explanation as to why it happened, despite seeing this... corruption happening to three alicorns. (Sort of.)


So i don't fully believe in this theory, but was mostly amazed that i could come up with something like that. X3

I think that if this did happen though;
 Luna always had enough power to change if she really wanted to (or at least knew how to get the power), and even thought about it more than once, but didn't because she loved her sister and knew she had a duty to protect Equestria. Then the sirens came along and sung their song, which starts to infect Luna, clouding her judgement and making her ever more resentful. She was able to hide this for a while after Starswirl banished the sirens, until she felt the moment was right.

Oh, and Icy Shield, i do agree that it was mostly her fault. Outside forces or not, she was hurt and angry, which lead ponies to not always think about the consequences of their actions.

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