Meet Digi Sketch!

Started by Colourful_Era, 2016 Oct 01, 12:48:43

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Name: Digi Sketch
Nicknames: Digi, Sketchy

Gender: Female

Age: Whatever 14 is in horse years

Species: Pegasus

Hometown: Ponyville

Current Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: Digital artist

Mane Color/Style/Length: Short, striped mane and tail

Coat Description: Purple

Eye Shape/Color: Blue

Accessories: Scarf

Allegiance: Equestria

Cutie Mark: A tablet and pen

Special Talent: Digital art

Personality: Usually grumpy, internally screaming, bubbly, acts happy, short temper, creative, always tired

Flaws: Short temper, awkward, mumbles, hates rainy weather, lazy, procrastinates, eats when she's bored, can be to obsessive

[Character History]
Digi is from Ponyville, she found an interest in drawing at a young age, when she found the internet she saw some amazing artists. She decided she wanted to be like them

She got her cutiemark when uploaded her first drawing to the internet. It was crappy but it gave her a real boost in creativity and pride.

She is now an aspiring artist, uploading her art to multiple websites and improving as much as she can each day

[Current Home]
Ponyville, draws ponies and practices animation.

[Powers List]

Basic Pegasus Powers:
ability to fly
ability to walk on clouds

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