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Started by Thunder Spin, 2016 Sep 19, 12:28:51

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Thunder Spin

2016 Sep 19, 12:28:51 Last Edit: 2016 Dec 02, 06:45:48 by Thundergirl
Hello there.
I am sketching OCs.
For the begin please read this:
Only pegasus, unicorns and earth pony OCs(I can't draw and sketch griffons)
Post the picture of the OC you want me to sketch for you and you're ready!

(will be done every Friday and every weekend)


I might as well post, I would love to see how you sketch him.

My OC is Raven Star, which is my profile picture.

Thunder Spin

your OC? Is he the one in your avatar pic?



If you are offering It's been a while since i've asked for a request


2016 Sep 20, 13:29:48 #5 Last Edit: 2016 Sep 20, 13:31:44 by AnthroYuu
I'll take a go at it.  I'd like to see how you go about drawing Jadeite.  Her pose etc. are artist's choice.

Spoiler: Written appearance for specificity • show

Jade is a fairly short Pegasus mare with ice blue fur, forest green hair, and deep lavender eyes.  Her wingspan is fairly average for her height-- only a little smaller.  Her eyes are a touch bigger than average, giving her the appearance that she's younger than she really is.  Her mane is well-kept and very, very soft, while also wavy to the point of slight curls around the tip.  Her fringe/bangs are fairly long, reaching down to her chin when free.  Her coat is fuzzy as well, but also well kept, as are the feathers on her wings.  Her teeth are mostly straight and white, save for the general ware-and-tear, except for her canines which seem duller than average.  She has freckles on both cheeks-- three on each side.

Thunder Spin

2016 Sep 23, 08:45:45 #6 Last Edit: 2016 Dec 02, 08:21:54 by Thundergirl
Sketch done for Anthro Yuu
I am not sure if I drew it the right way, anyway hope u like it ^-^


Hi  ^-^ If you have time, would you mind drawing my OC?

image sharing sites

Thanks in advance :)


This is my oc

Her tail is more like this though...

It would be great if you could draw her  ^-^
Overly obsessed horse


Quote from: cloval on 2016 Nov 21, 15:29:09
This is my oc

Her tail is more like this though...

It would be great if you could draw her  ^-^

Image links are broke, you need the direct image link(right click the image, open it in a new tab, then copy the link in the address bar, or copy the link address(both should be options)). If it is not direct, then it will not work.

Thunder Spin

2016 Nov 28, 07:09:05 #10 Last Edit: 2016 Dec 02, 08:22:24 by Thundergirl
remember it is for sketch requests. I won't line and colour it.

Thunder Spin

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