Design-A-Hairstyle Contest Winners!

Started by Ellowee, 2016 Sep 18, 15:30:47

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2016 Sep 18, 15:30:47 Last Edit: 2016 Sep 18, 16:06:42 by Ellowee

Hi everypony!

Our design-a-hairstlye contest has been super popular - and super hard to judge! We had so many brilliant entries that it may have took us a day longer than we promised to decide upon the winners... :3

But, decide we have! Many thanks to everyone who entered the contest, and our commiserations to anyone who didn't win - but for the 25 entries below, congratulations! Your design will be incorporated into Legends of Equestria, available in our character creator for all players to use, with credit given to you!


1.   Colourful_Era

2.   Camillacool

3.   GreenAdventure5908

4.   iiTabiMoonii

5.   Silver Bur

6.   Golden Harvest

7.   Odecom1

8.   Howitzer

9.   regina idrisova

10.   Samum

11.   LaserPewPew

12.   Genisay

13.   JuniperStone

14.   Misc.catfish

15.   PaintSwirl

16.   Owl_Feather

17.   Chammy

18.   Ikarooz

19.   allax akbar

20.   Solywack

21.   FoxBrush

22.   Diana.Star.Sparkle

23.    Modecom1

24.   Dandaru

25.   Northstar941

And remember - if this contest got your creative juices flowing, or you just want to do more to help out the team and make this project better - we're always looking for more talent to join us in creating the world of Equestria! Whether you're one of the talented artists who entered our contest, or more geared towards programming, we'd love to hear from you. You can see our full list of current positions here:

That's all for now! Congratulations again to our winners!


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Congrats to the winners!  :D
Can't say I'm surprised mine didn't make the cut; it seemed sub-par compared to all the other entries.   X3  Seriously, some of the other submissions looked really creative and professional!


 :c my heart was beating while i was going through this and i didnt make it...really thought i would make it  >.< oh well i guess. i shouldnt have hyped myself up so badly.
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Wow, my friends just told me about this (kinda forgot to check on this for a while XD).

Congrats to all the other winners!  (Dandaru and Odecom1 are my faves :P)
Was really surprised to see myself in that list. Didn't expect to, honestly.
So thanks for that!

Thrasher Dash

congrats to everyone who made it,and to everyone who also entered it!
everyone did awesome!
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I am so sad now, because 21/25 hairstyles are female :(


Congrats to the winners but.... I'm not a sore loser or anything BUTT. < heh.

I'm a bit flustered that 96% are for Mares. I'm a boy and there is not a single hairstyle in the game that looks close to my oc's hairstyle. I'm not saying there should be MINE. BUTTT there should have been an even amount of boy and girl styles. There's already like four boy ones in the game currently. And yes I know, they can be used for both genders but... Honestly they are all so feminine. For realz.


Wow! Amazing job to the winners! We all cant wait to see them all in action ^^


Quote from: FlashRainbow on 2016 Sep 18, 17:14:24
I am so sad now, because 21/25 hairstyles are female :(

Some of the entries also included male counterparts for the hairstyle (including facial hair!), but we only chose 1 image per entry to display here to save you all scrolling for thirty minutes before reaching the bottom!
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This is nice, but we need more short hair.


Kinda disappointed I didn't get in :c
Luckily #9 and #16 look pretty similar to my oc ^-^


I'm totally in love with Owl_feather's design
I think I may use that for Rose Petal next time I'm able to play (hoping soon for another OSW or the official OBS (open beta servers (as I'm sure there's going to be work needing to get done over the course of it))).




Woo flat mane! Congrates everyone, Though I noticed I should have made a male counterpart to the design, didn't know there were going to be so few, but because its just flat, for a male style to just need to shorten it or keep it long for the long haired anime dudes style
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Nice choices but some of them look alike and similar to already existing hairstyles.
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My sincere congratulations to every-pony who entered.   ^-^


Aw, the Mohawk/crest/zebra didn't make it.
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I can't wait to see it in-game! Thank you so much!

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