Bout Time. SSP's OCs

Started by Super sayian pony, 2016 Sep 03, 01:47:47

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Super sayian pony

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Spoiler: SSP • show
Name: SSP
Gender: Male
Species: Alicorn
Description: Nobody knows where he came from but other ponies think he was raised by Pinkie Pie, Also doesn't know many spells. Pink and fluffy, an alicorn with Unseen wings because of all of his fluff, sometimes uses magic to turn his fluff into a pretty dress because he can
Personality: Loves coffee related foodstuffs.

Spoiler: Red • show
Name: Red
Gender: Male
Species: Dragonpony
Description: Soft spoken, knows and can speak Dragon, can also teach others how to understand Dragon but unable to teach how to speak Dragon (Ironic eh?).
Personality: Real friendly once you get to know him, Not so friendly if your his enemy not one bit

Spoiler: Delilah • show
Name: Delilah
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Species: Changeling
Description: She is a young changeling, a couple inches taller than Pipsqueak, She used to live on the streets before she was picked up by Red the Dragonpony
Personality: Very childish (she's young what'd ya expect? lol), Can be serious but is not often.

This will be it for now, I'll add more once I get their stories straightened out



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