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Started by Sweet Brew, 2016 Aug 27, 19:09:37

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Sweet Brew


So I've been to some brony sites, not too many but still.
The one had this cool feature where you could privetly message someone in their chatpod.

I think that'd be a smart addition, because with rule 12 (a) it makes it hard to talk to someone if they're having issues or something, or you just don't want the whole world to see you, there's plenty of reasons for it.

And telling someone you sent a PM kinda blows your cover if you don't want suspicion if they don't want people to know something's up or to be reveled.

Regardless, I think it'd just be a good way to keep rule 12 (a) and give people a bit more freedom.
Because frankly a bit more freedom could be cool, but we need that rule for a multitude of reasons. lol

Just something to think about. :P


While a good idea, i don't think it will be possible.

LoE didn't make the forum it was made by SMFPacks. The chat doesn't even work correctly all the time, such as when it freezes. People have made add-ons that work on the chat, so maybe something along those lines would work.

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