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Started by Super sayian pony, 2016 Aug 22, 05:11:08

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Super sayian pony

2016 Aug 22, 05:11:08 Last Edit: 2016 Aug 22, 05:18:13 by Super sayian pony
Hey there everypony. This is the Herd leader, SSP.
As we progress we will eventually start RPs and some gaming once I get us some servers to run on.

Herd ranks,
Leader: Owner
Member: Gamer

Servers will be operating in hopefully 1 Month

P.s. I will also edit this post to add rules, and ranks as we progress



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Super sayian pony

Welcome Gamer Sand ;3

I totally promise to figure out how to make some servers for us to play on x3

Totally is not just watching youtube


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