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Started by elody53, 2016 Aug 16, 15:34:28

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Name: Setting Dusk

Race: Pegasus Pony

Gender: Stallion

Occupation: I suspect he works in fencing as a cover, but enjoys going off exploring, and is one of the characters in my oc group.

Personality: Setting Dusk is a very quiet and analytical pegasus pony. He can be very cold and distant to new ponies, but is very loyal to those he is close to, even though he doesn't always understand other ponies emotions. He can be very headstrong at times.

Talent: Setting Dusk isn't the greatest of flyers, or the worst, mostly average, but is very talented with a sword or in some cases, daggers.

Appearance: A grey pony with darker grey muzzle and a sort of palimino area around his cutie mark. He has black freckles in his mid point above his muzzle. He has a black with dark blue highlights shaggy mane, and a shorter shaggy tail. His eyes are dark blue. The cutie mark is a little more complicated. The cutie mark is a upright facing silver sword with a black batwing hilt, and golden holder. Behind the sword is a a dark blue flame that fades into a dark purple and dark pink at the tips. ( I think I got everything!  ovO )

Bio: I have a few ideas for his background but nothing consistent yet, except he originates from my own world, and has a little sister named Rosy Dawn.

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