How Fast Can you Type?

Started by Gamepaw, 2016 Aug 14, 08:30:41

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Let's see which of us can hit the keys the quickest.

Go to and complete the one minute typing test then post your results here. Try to keep it set as english so the results are more fair :3


I couldn't access the website below, so I used this one instead:

Because of that, results may be skewed in either direction. I apologize for the cursor.

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Ah, I'm only fast when I'm doing tests. For the most part I'd rate myself within the 30-50 range casually. It's uncomfortable and tiring to type at 60+ to me, and I start making loads more mistakes going that fast. Accuracy is more important to me.

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This is actually with three-finger typing (yes 3, not 2). I never got in the habit of typing correctly unfortunately; took a class in high school but at the time my usual method was faster so I just fell back to it. I need to actually take the time and get myself into the proper method. Someday.  :P
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Must be using bark to text huehue....
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I'm getting mixed results from the different tests I'm taking, but they're usually between 70 and 130 WPM.

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i dont even know what that means lol


25 WPM is not a good score :3

I assume english is not your first language, I get about the same on other languages to :3


Quote from: Gamepaw on 2016 Dec 01, 10:37:08
25 WPM is not a good score :3

I assume english is not your first language, I get about the same on other languages to :3

Maybe because english is really not my first language?




When you don't know how Aesop is written and the text does say Aesop everywhere you don't get a very good result...

So I will try again with another text...

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