#TeamOllienOxen: Help Tara Strong friend Olivia from dying!

Started by Icy Shield, 2016 Aug 09, 16:28:22

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Icy Shield

 Tara Strong (voice actor of Twilight Sparkle) asking from brony community to help her friend, 14 yeas old girl Olivia who is also friend to her 2 sons who are friends to Olivia since kindergarten to help fund Olivias huge medical bills and operation. The girl battling metastasized lung cancer diffuse large B cell lymphoma and immune system complications.

Olivia's folks have thrown everything at pursuing the medically-indicated standard of care for her disease: chemotherapy regimens, broad-spectrum antibiotics, whatever it takes to keep her alive.
Here http://www.equestriadaily.com/2016/07/tara-strong-and-teamollieoxen-need-your.html#disqus_thread you can find all information of the story  as well as the link for the fund.

I really felt bad for simply just reading such bad news and then leaving mining my own business. Spreading the word - the least thing I could do to help, especially to a person who might die very soon...  >.<

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