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Started by Vapid Pixel, 2017 Sep 09, 23:59:00

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Vapid Pixel

2017 Sep 09, 23:59:00 Last Edit: 2017 Sep 10, 02:50:21 by Vapid Pixel
In commemoration of the public release of Legends of Equestria. I put together this little slideshow of screenshots I took during the last Open Server Weekend (July 2016), and thought I'd share it here on the forums.  I've participated in each OSW since finding out about LoE in early 2015, shortly after I became involved in this fandom, and each one was a blast!  Even back during my first OSW, when the game was much less fleshed out than it is today, I found myself enjoying my time in Equestria immensely.  For a weekend, nothing else mattered except having a good time, and even someone as shy and timid as me ended up making a few friends along the way, too!  ^-^

I truly admire the hard work of the LoE team, and while I'm ashamed that I couldn't put in as much time as I would've liked during the Limited Access Release, I'm absolutely honored that I was selected to be a part of it, and I hope what little contributions I made helped to make the public release as good as it can be.

Safe travels everypony, and may our paths cross one day!

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