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Aqua Fire

Can I join, too? Also, could others join my guild?
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Hey! Can I please join this guild?  :) :celestia: :luna:


Yay! New guildmates! Oh no, new guildmates. I'd be glad to let you in I guess I have to let you in

New Rankings:
1. Zealous98 and SimK64 as Mega Protectors of Peace
2. catlover36, Aqua Fire, dashie77, and Super Sayian Pony as Protectors of Peace
3. Me as That Guy that Everybody Hates

Feel free to tell us about your favorite TV shows/animes new members! I may regret saying that

Sorry Aqua, I just do not have time to join another guild right now, but anyone else in this guild may join if they want, I don't require exclusive loyalty

As for zealous98, isn't that the anime where you use shinigamis to destroy the titans using the power of Naruto and his Gundam technique?
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Aqua Fire

I like my little pony. Of course.
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I like my little pony too! But surely you also enjoy other shows.
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Aqua Fire

Um.. Milo Muphy's Law?
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Yea.... ya.. that's the show....... wait....... what were we talking about?


@Aqua Fire Awesome!

@zealous98 It's okay, I have no idea what I'm talking about
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New competition! It's a terrible idea I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Write a short-long, 100 or more word fanfic with four or more simultaneous crossovers. It needs to be family friendly, and you can just type it out here.

Does this sound fun? I dunno

Winner gets the title of Supreme Protector of Peace
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Aqua Fire

2017 Jan 11, 16:15:21 #29 Last Edit: 2017 Jan 11, 16:20:05 by Aqua Fire
I MADE MY FANFIC!!! Also, I just made up the names.

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Here it is! It is very long.

                                                         My Little Filly
                                                         Chapters 1-5
                                                 Chapter 1: The Beginning

                                           Inspired by My little Dashie

-It was a normal day, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and my IPad is fully charged. I just finished watching Dantdm play Undertale, or how he calls it, "Dandertale." I decided to watch some My Little Pony, though I have watched almost every episode so far. Just as I was about to rewatch Friend in Deed, my Mom comes in, and tells me that I barely go outside, so I had to go outside. I complained a bit, but soon, I was outside.. With a bubble kit..-
*Gggrrroooaaannn* Might as well go around the neighborhood..
-I walk around, when I see a flash of light. I follow it, and it leads me to an alley. I have never seen it before, but nonetheless, I go in to find the light. I see a box, with something inside. I cautiously open it, to see a filly. Not just any filly, but Vinyl, or at least that's what we call her. I was surprised, for I've never seen a real pony before. Or, at least one so colorful. I pick her up. How could she of gotten here? Maybe I should tell my family? Well, for now, I'll keep it a secret. Until, they know...-

                                                My Little Filly
                                       Chapter 2: The Discovery

-I was riding my bike, to the front of the neighborhood. I was meeting my friend to go bike riding. It has been 7 days since I found her, Vinyl. I decided to go check on Vinyl, so I rode my bike to the dead end in my neighborhood, into the trail, behind the trees. I saw her, cold, hungry. I had a jacket on, so I took it off, and put it on her. I happened to have a granola bar, too, which I didn't want, so I gave her that, too.-
We'll find your home, soon. I promise.
-I turned around, seeing my friend. My eyes were wide. My heart, pumping. The secret, out. "Who is that, What is that?" She asked.-
Well, I found her a week ago. She's from the show My little Pony, friendship is magic. I was outside, and I saw a light. I followed it to a box, which she was in.
-She stared at me for a moment. Then she spoke. "Follow me." She turned around, got on her bike, and started to ride. I got on my bike, and followed her. Vinyl knows to cover herself up when I leave, so that's no problem. She leads me to her house, near her sister's garden. She lifts a cover, showing a flower. But, somehow, that was familiar. Then it hit me. I stepped back.-
Is that? Flowey? Flowey the Flower? Bad guy?
-She shook her head. "No.. Well, yes, but, I found him a week ago, as well, and, he didn't seem evil." I stood there. We then decided to continue our ride. But I wondered, how many other character are out there?-

                                            My Little Filly
                                             Chapter 3: The Climax

-I wanted Vinyl to stretch her hooves, and play around, so we decided to race. Turns out, she was deaf, so I learned sign language in the past 2 weeks. She also learned how to read lips. She found that music is a great way to cope with lonliness. We galloped to the end of the street. I was almost about to win, when darkness struck the area.-
Weird, it was morning a second ago.
-Confused, we looked around to see what caused it, when a dark figure emerged.-
-We ran for the hills, heading for my house, but Vinyl tripped. The figure grabbed her.
"Yessssssss..." It said. Vinyl's horn glowed, revealing the figure's identity. It turned out to be Herobrine.-
-I was mad, and confused. I was Mad-Fused. Or Cad. I was just about to do a weak attempt to save Vinyl, when a light showed, and a baby dragon appeared. It started shooting purple fireballs at him. Herobrine dropped Vinyl, so I jumped to catch her in time. Herobrine opened a portal, and ran away. The dragon flew down to me. I saw that it was a baby nightfury.-
I guess things can get weirder...
-I was just about to pet the dragon, when someone yelled.
"Toothless!!" Then, I saw my frienemie, Ian.-
Ian? What are you doing here? In my neighborhood?
-"Well, a light showed up today, and I saw a dragon who looked just like toothless, but a baby." He noticed Vinyl. I read his mind, sorta.-
Same thing, but it happened three weeks ago...
-He nodded. "Well, better get back to my neighborhood, see you at school!" He said, walking away, with Toothless following him. Vinyl and I agreed our race was a tie, and I wondered, why was Herobrine here? What did he want?-

                                      My Little Filly
                                   Chapter 4: The Sleepover

-It has been over a month since I found Vinyl. I got in touch with Ian and Aurelia, my friend. We started planing a sleepover at my house, so we could try to figure out what was happening. We all brought our characters, Vinyl, Flowey, and Toothless. We would sleep in my room. There, we discussed.-
So, Anyone have any Idea what is going on, and why Herobrine wants our characters?
-"Well, he only went after Vinyl. At least, that's what toothless wrote." Ian said.
"Well, since they all are animated, maybe Herobrine needs them for a ritual." Aurelia suggested.-
That's a start! Well, maybe he only knew the location of Vinyl, so he went to me first.
-"Well, maybe he would help them return home." Ian said.-
Maybe, but, in Minecraft, he's evil.
-"Well, maybe he wants to be nice, but his programming won't let him." Ian said.
"That's a great thought!" Aurelia said.-
Yeah! Maybe we should give them to him. Wait.. But, what if he plans to.. Erase them?
-Ian and Aurelia looked at each other, then to me. They had a look, and I knew what it meant. I sighed.-
Well, not everything is meant to last.. Maybe we can at least keep them for one more week! I'll miss Vinyl, and you'll miss Flowey and Toothless, too.
-They both looked down. We settled it. On Friday, -we'll give them to Herobrine. I was going to miss Vinyl, though....-

                                    My Little Filly
                                     Chapter 5: The End?

-It was time. I met Ian and Aurelia at the front of the neighborhood, with our characters. I had Vinyl. She was scared, she didn't know what was happening. I had a picture of me and Vinyl. I looked at it, sighed, and put it in my pocket.-
Herobrine! Show yourself!
-Suddenly, black smoke appeared, showing Herobrine. He looked at the characters. He smiled. He held his hand out, signaling to give him them. We walked up to him, and put down our characters. They were scared.-
What are you going to do to them?
-Herobrine looked at me, and smiled. He used the smoke to show three pictures, one of Berk, one of the Underground, and one of Ponyville. This made Vinyl, Flowey, and Toothless smile. I understood. He wanted to take them home.
"In order for me to get home, I needed them. When they get home, a portal will open, letting me go home." He said. The pictures turned into rifts, taking the characters back into their homes. When they left, a portal opened up, and Herobrine went through. Then, everything went dark...-

Samantha woke up. It was a Saturday. She saw her IPad, fully charged. She played with it. She went on messages to see if Aurelia wanted to meet for a bike ride. She saw that she had someone else's phone number. She tapped on it, and saw two messages.
                         "Ian, come to my house for a sleepover, so we can discuss everything."
Samantha stared at these texts. She realized her dream, wasn't a dream at all...

                                          Hope you like it!

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This is great! Nice job Aqua Fire!

Let's see if I got the crossovers right. MLP, Minecraft, Undertale, and How to Train Your Dragon?

I will likely write my own submission at some point. Although I've very lazy so we'll see how far that goes. I eagerly await other submissions.

Feel free to write multiple stories for this contest, I'll just count them all as a whole for when I do any judging. Or I'll just give all participants the title.
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Aqua Fire

Quote from: FeverishPegasus on 2017 Jan 13, 21:04:54
Let's see if I got the crossovers right. MLP, Minecraft, Undertale, and How to Train Your Dragon?

Hey, look. I have a deviantart. Come check it out. My DeviantArt


2017 Jan 22, 11:36:19 #32 Last Edit: 2017 Jan 22, 11:39:57 by zealous98

C H A P T E R   O N E

In an undescript but agreeably desolate canyon scene, two powerful mages had begun a duel in tense silence. One white pony with fabulous purple hair stood a distance away from a purple pony who had only a horn, no wings. Got it?!? They sized each other up from a distance, as the size of their imminent carnage was gonna be pretty big.

Rarity was the first to make a move. She drew back the bill of her stunning baseball cap before winding up for the pitch. "Go! No Face!" she called as she released the Pokéball into the field. With a pop, No Face took form from a splash of light. "Uh, uh," he cried weakly.

Twilight smirked. "No Face, huh? A Pokémon with almost no powers? What a joke." Twilight also spun her hat around before throwing her choice in. "I choose you! Aang!" The [email protected]#ing Avatar flashed onto the field, riding on a ball of wind. Without a discernable catchphrase to repeat, he just started talking normally. "Hey there! Can't we just drink some tea and talk this out?"

"A fabulous start, my dear!" retorted Rarity. "But you underestimate my Pokémon's abilities." She pointed fiercely and shouted, "No Face! Use METRONOME!" No Face used Kaio Ken Times Ten but Aang had the sharingan. No Face scowled and grumbled, "You spoony bard!" and summoned his stand named Lilium. Lilium used SHINING... FINGER!!!! and fell Aang. But Aang's blood activated the life fibers in his seifuku and he became Card Captor Sakuraang. Twilight liked how this battle was going, but not for long when No Face used Moon Crystal Powerrrr. Maaaake. UP! and donned the sailor outfit of every Happosai's wet dream. That wasn't enough to deter Aang's determination. He used the drill that can pierce the heavens on Sailor No Face's soul gem and it hurt him pretty good. No Face, with the last of his strength, wrote "Twinkle Toes" in the Death Note and Aang  died then No Face died too. Rarity flew away on Outlaw Star and Twilight, in her anger, caused the Third Impact.

the end


That was...absolutely amazing! I think I'm going to die from the laughter The setting, character development, and most of all, the crossovers! They were all perfect! You, my friend, earned yourself 10/10 Jotaro Kujos!
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The city of Shibuya, a bustling city filled with people and shops. Everyone is so busy with their lives, that they do not notice two ponies in the middle of the street. (Something about how The World Ends With You, I don't know).

Twilight Sparkle: You're never going to get away with this, Trixie! Deckard Cain told me all about your evil scheme.
Trixie: That's the Grrrrreat and Powerful Trixie to you! And yes, I was the one who took your parents' essence. I need them as tribute along with this Shen Gong Wu, the Golden Tiger Claws, to gain access to the two pieces of the Triforce. And with those pieces combined, I can take over the Nexus! And there's nothing you can do about it.

An epic martial arts sequence occurs. They eventually end up touching the Golden Tiger Claws at the same time.

T.S.: There is one way to settle this. With a Xiaolin Showdown! The game is a foal's card game, each of us starts with 4000 life points. The first pony to lose all their life points will lose. I will bet in the Yin-Yang Yo-yo.
Trixie: Very well. I accept this challenge. And I will bet in the Two-Ton Tunic.

A blinding light flashes from the Golden Tiger Claws. The scenery changes to what appears to be a city made for dueling. Both ponies are now sporting specialized Duel Disks (trademark).

Both: Gong Yi Tanpai!

T.S. [thinking internally]: Oh, who am I kidding? I don't even know how to play this card game. I didn't think Trixie would go through with this. There's no way I can win this...
???: Perhaps I can help.

The Helements of Armory emerge from her pack, circling around Twilight. Then, a cutscene that's pretty similar to the one shown in the very early episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! plays out where the main protagonist goes through an epic 90's transformation. Go see it. It's cool.

Now, Twilight is slightly taller, and now has wings. Also, for the rest of this episode, the voice of Twilight will now be played by Dan Green.

T.S.: Who are you?
???: I am the spirit of an ancient ruler of a faraway land. For now, call me Yami. I may not remember who I truly am, but I do know one thing: how to play a foal's card game!

Narrator: Who is this mysterious spirit that has taken over Twilight's body? Who will win the Xiaolin Showdown Duel Monsters Duel? How many episodes will this battle take? Tune in next time to see this epic battle commence. Same bat-time! Same bat-channel!


All I've got to say about this story is YES.

The d-d-d-duel between members of this group has reached new heights!
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Aqua Fire

Well, for now, I have the title for the longest fan fiction. Yay for me.
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That is true, and props for putting in the effort! Don't worry, I fully intend to give the title to everypony that participated. Although, stories wont be judged by length.
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Super sayian pony

Wait I just noticed I can't read .3. I can I'm just messing around :ajshifty:



It's okay if you don't want to write a story. You'd better participate!
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