[Herd] What Herd?

Started by FeverishPegasus, 2016 Aug 07, 05:05:05

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2016 Aug 07, 05:05:05 Last Edit: 2016 Aug 07, 05:10:11 by FeverishPegasus
That is literally the club name. I made it that way in the hopes that everypony interested gets too confused to care about the club. I'm really quite lonely I don't need anypony. You can join if you want I will forever be the only member of this club, and I don't hope it stays that way.

Club Membership Positions (from coolest to least coolest):
1. Protectors of the Peace - these guys can do whatever they want
2. That Guy that Everybody Hates - tasked with organizing events, the club, and stuff. Seriously, who wants to do that?
    (1 obviously)

If you want to demote yourself, for whatever reason, we need a 60% vote on the next pony (make a straw poll and post it in this thread). Wait three days. If you 'win', yay for everypony else.

If ponies manage to slip into this herd for whatever reason, they are committed to a vow of Pacifism. Meaning, you can't hurt other animals, even if they are trying to hurt you. Or just don't get caught. If you do get caught, you're out of the herd. PM 'That Guy that Everybody Hates' if you got kicked, and you want to repent.

1. You cannot not join
3. Any race is fine Earth ponies only
4. Brownie points for cool Earth pony parkour
5. If you're up to no good, don't get caught. If you do get caught, we had nothing to do with it. If you get caught, and you want to blame it on us, don't get caught

Members: Me (That Guy that Everybody Hates)

P.S: Don't Ignore any and all underscores. They aren't irrelevant.
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Quote from: FeverishPegasus on 2016 Aug 07, 05:05:05
3. Any race is fine Earth ponies only


Quote from: FeverishPegasus on 2016 Aug 07, 05:05:05
4. Brownie points for cool Earth pony parkour



EDIT AUG 20TH 12:53AMCST: UHH I MEANT IF I DISBAND MINE.........only one person wanted to join....

Super sayian pony

lol - Eeeyyyy! I'm here! To revive this thing and to definitely join if possible and definitely will not cause all the mayhem here



What's this?! How'd you guys get in here? I thought I had this guild locked down! I'm so sorry I should've been checking this thread more often

Okay, well, I don't have it in me to boot anyone, so you can stay.

I've decided to immediately rank all of you up to the highest position, Protectors of Peace, which is more than I can say for myself. If you're not happy, you can just leave! please don't. You guys are the best

Either way, I say it with anything but a begrudging heart that we now are a herd of three ponies!

Guild ranks are as follows:
1. Zealous98, Super Sayian Pony (as Protectors of Peace)
2. Me (as That Guy that Everybody Hates :()

You guys can be a part of multiple herds if you want, I'm not requiring absolute loyalty. In fact, I think I might join your herd zealous98

Also, rules are rules. If you promote me, I wont be able to stop it.
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Super sayian pony

First order of buisness do moar things



Moar things you say? Then sure!

I honestly didn't expect to get this far I'll think of something right away!


Color this. Sorry, I couldn't think of anything more exiting

I'll serve as the judge. Whoever colors this the best wins!

Only catch: It must be in crayon.

Prize: I add 'Mega' to your guild rank.

I'll wait one week. Unwelcome but totally welcome! new members are allowed to participate.
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These crayons were as big as my hand I mean hoof or whatever but I did the best I could.

I even signed it so everyone knows I did it.


That is a fantastic submission! You even signed it!

If nopony submits by the 30th, you've got yourself a promotion!
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Super sayian pony



Heheh, not sure I'll be able to send a pancake to zealous :P

I could try mailing it but, it might get a little spoiled...

Imma go ahead and give zealous his promotion.

Super Sayian, if you submit a drawing before midnight EST tomorrow, I'll go ahead an give you a promotion as well :P

For now though:
1. Zealous98 as a Mega Protector of Peace
2. Super Sayian as a Protector of Peace
3. FeverishPegasus as That Guy that Everybody Hates
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2016 Aug 30, 13:02:48 #10 Last Edit: 2016 Aug 30, 14:19:46 by SimK64
What Herd??
This looks interesting.

Before I forget,
Spoiler: what do you think of this? • show


Haha, 'What Herd?' is what we call ourselves. Usually we don't accept visitors, but I suppose I can let you in. But really, we're super glad to see you here!

The drawing competition is already finished, but that is a very nice coloring of Fluttershy done with crayons. I'll give you a promotion because I'm practically giving them away at this point you've shown dedication to our guild with your immaculate use of crayons.

Remember to check out the club rules at the start of this thread! I assure you they are very confusing and arbitrary very well organized and thought out.

1. Zealous98 and SimK64 as Mega Protectors of Peace
2. Super Sayian Pony as a Protector of Peace
3. Me as That Guy that Everybody Hates
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Whaaat?! They used real crayons??? That'scheating

uh I mean way to goooo! You stayed inside the lines and everything. Dexterity is next to godliness. Or something.


2016 Oct 04, 00:43:31 #13 Last Edit: 2016 Oct 04, 00:49:15 by zealous98
I just came on to say that I visit the forums every day to see if anyone has posted to this thread or responded to my posts because I'm feeling pretty lonely lately hi!


It's just the four of us, huh?


Activity should ramp up in December. Limited access is like an official release, right?


Quote from: zealous98 on 2016 Oct 05, 18:54:59
Activity should ramp up in December. Limited access is like an official release, right?

An official limited release, yeah. That would be exciting.


I am very sorry I feel no remorse for forgetting about this thread until now. I don't have an excuse, I'm really lazy I was very busy until now, but with Winter break in order, I guess I can pick things up.

What do we all want to do?

Right now it is discouraged for LAR players to reveal stuff about the game, so we wont be able to do LoE stuff until later, when there are no restrictions.

I have no idea what to do I have a plan!

How about we start with a bit of an icebreaker?

What are you favorite animes animuus and/or other TV shows?

I promise I wont judge! Except for in the deep recesses of my mind

For me:
1. Cowboy Bebop
2. One Punch Man
3. Psycho Pass
4. Welcome to the NHK
5. Afro Samurai
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I like the Mahou Shoujo MadAKIRA Genesis Evangelimatsu-sansekai yori la KILL No Game No Nichijou Prison School Re: Zero show by Akira Torimiyazaki.


Alola! :D

Im here to join le guild! C:

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