So...LOE is coming back in December.

Started by GumballFan, 2016 Aug 04, 11:21:02

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Quote from: GumballFan on 2016 Aug 04, 11:21:02
This will take SO SO LONG.  ono

But it will be so much better for enduring the wait.  :D
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I heard from a youtuber that it's the official game release.  :D


Just count to 200,000,000. That should make the time pass by.

Or you could invent a Delorean.
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Quote from: Particlemane on 2016 Sep 18, 21:23:32
Just count to 200,000,000. That should make the time pass by.

Or you could invent a Delorean.

Or use a TARDIS. :P


Quote from: Magicloser on 2016 Sep 18, 12:59:15
I heard from a youtuber that it's the official game release.  :D

That is only partially correct. The Limited Access Release, which will come in December, will only be open to a select group of people. The system for determining who will be allowed to play and test during that time is still being determined, but once it is public, you will find it on the website.

I am glad to see people are excited for this next step, and I look forward to meeting some of you in game come December!


Personally, I'm excited for the Limited Access Release, or LAR, coming in December.  I can't wait to see the land inhabited by you all again!  ^-^

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Here's to wishing I applied as a writer or something so my spot was guaranteed!


I personally can't wait :) I don't expect to be one of those lucky users selected for the limited access release though (especially since I'll probably be busy with other stuff), but if I do get selected then all the better!


Atleast there's only 3 months left.  ^-^


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Nothing to do but sit back and wait. Sit... and... wait.

... I sure hope I get in. I'll be mildly annoyed if I don't.




I'm torn.  I'd love to get on as soon as I can, but I don't know if I'm good test material, as I've never played very deeply into the game.  The one thing I've got going for me is my aged laptop, which might be a good test of older, slower systems.


It's October already, the release will be here before you know it! :P


Mannnnn... I'm so worried about getting in!! Especially now that I have a job eating my time!  >A<

Either way, I'm really excited to play again, December or otherwise!  :3
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LoE Hearth's Warming Event?  :D

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2016 Oct 29, 20:22:30 #18 Last Edit: 2016 Oct 29, 20:24:49 by Crimson_Tail
You could say it's an official 'release' that's coming up this December, although it's limited access release. Regardless, hoping to get myself in when they start taking applications!
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For me it has actually crept up a lot faster than expected.

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