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Started by Thrasher Dash, 2016 Aug 02, 14:18:44

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Thrasher Dash

2016 Aug 02, 14:18:44 Last Edit: 2016 Dec 09, 07:53:10 by Thasher dash
This is Dragon Quest,a herd dedicated to help others,roleplay,explore,and most importantly....have fun!Its still a work in progress,and if anypony has any ideas,please contact me by pm!If you want to make banners and art for this group,you MUST be good,REALLY good!If you have any questions,don't be afraid to ask.Our main goal is to find and fight dragons from the Everfree.
The Ranks
Here are the ranks of this herd:
Me! :p
Commander in Chief
Healer(Ponies who revive and heal)
Sorcerers & Mages(Magic Users)
Dashers(Earth/Unicorn/Pegasi Ponies who use any skills)
DQ Member(the member title you start with)
Canon Ponies(Roleplayers who rp as any canon charcters from the show,may delete this role if it is somewhat useless
The Form
Charcters:(the ponies you use in the game):
Rank:(You can choose any rank but Commander and Commander in Chief)
Username:(forum username)
Canon Ponies will be accepted,but you must stick TO their personallity.
Do not be mean,use foul language,or anything that breaks the Loe forum rules!
We're all friends here,so please don't create any drama or arguements!
When the servers open,please meet me outside Sugarcane Corner in Ponydale!
Will update this post as time goes on.
If you see Princess Twilight (Unicorn) or Thrasher Dash (Pegasus) that's me!

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