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Started by ArtisSparx, 2016 Aug 01, 21:54:10

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... in another cartoon featuring amazing characters, beautiful animation, great original songs and a plot deeper than anything you'll ever expect from a kids show? Sounds a lot like another show we all love, I know!

Okay, I may be playing it up a bit. I find it kind of hard to give people a good description of this show, because it just has SO much to it! The references, the songs the animation.....  *-* I may be a bit biased too. But it's better for you to see it for yourself.

It's called "Wander Over Yonder" and is was aired on Disney XD. Unfortunately, like many underrated shows out there, it was canceled before it's third and final season. However, the fans of the show have NOT accepted this, and are now rallying together to try and convince Disney otherwise. If there's one thing I know that Bronies are absolute pros at, it's recognizing a good show when they see it! All I ask is that you give the first episode a chance. Fans of WOY could really use the support of a community as big as the Bronies to help bring more attention to the show. If I haven't convinced you to check it out yet, then allow me to show you just one screen shot from my favorite episode...

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