The Servers are now Closed!

Started by Ellowee, 2016 Aug 01, 00:01:24

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Quote from: MidnightLunaRose on 2016 Aug 01, 00:14:20
I think a record was broken!
I can't wait until December! :3

Ayyy, That's me dancing in the top left corner  lol Just like the last OSW, this one was a lot of fun.
Good luck to the developers for getting everything set up for December  ^-^


Glad to have been a part of this.

Hope to see you all again sometime soon.  <3
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that was fun :D I got to optain these cool headphones once again, fight monsters, meet ponies, play hide and seek, and even party like there's no tomorrow.  0:)

Hope to see everypony in december (that's the same month as my birthday)  ^-^

Sweet Brew

Would have been fun if it didn't crash at startup for me. ovO


So much fun!!! I enjoy every second! :D and the final party was crazy xD but it was amazing!! I going to miss the game...

I hope to see you in December :3


Quote from: Sweet Brew on 2016 Aug 01, 00:32:02
Would have been fun if it didn't crash at startup for me. ovO

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That was an amazing few days of pony! Massive thanks to the LoE team for making this possible. So many fun things this go-around!

Have fun going back to normal, pony-less existence everyone. See you all in December! <3
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THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! HUGE shout-out to the LoE team, and to everyone who partied in Sugarcane Corner! You all rock!  <3 <3 <3

Justice Armor

it was fun! ^-^ definitely wasn't ready for the OSW to end.

i already forgot everybody's names though! so here i am in case anyone wanted to talk to me. :P though i don't visit the forums often, i'm much more active on DA (see my link)

there were pretty many glitches this time around honestly, but overall it was fun!
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Well, I survived the server death, but then I got disconnected from the room I was in and into a fake room with a glitched pony picture, after a while I tried logging out and back in... big mistake. Couldn't reconnect. It actually made me kinda sad.


awww noooooo :( so in December but I don't know when you finish the game and it like tom clancy's the division beta version but I wish it any way to make a single mode? like a offline mode


Well there goes the last OSW couldn't play as a pegasus due to the game crashing everytime i wanted to get out of Cloudopolis  :c ...still had lot's of fun as an earth pony can't wait to December to play again :D and fulfill a promise to someone X3  thanks Loe team you guys rock!!! ^-^

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do not worry when December comes you will be able to play quite.  ^-^
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 ono AWW!My friends were talking about this game a whole lot and it figures that after i tried to get used to it this happened oh well.Lol..  :o
I was stuck doing this errand of delivering a violin to a pony and later on i had to like make sense of this statue...then later after doing all the chatting it seems somepony was going to deliver the package after all my attempts and i had to help the violin pony to postpone her musical for a few days...i was hoping to finish it but i couldn't find "Sweet Orchards". >:O I had trouble and wanted help but that's alright.
I can probably wait until december to continue exploring and meet other ponies.


Hopefully in December the game will be improved. Its being a great weekend, I guess I will keep the LOE Launcher on standby

Vinyl Wolf

It was a wonderfull Weekend. And the last 2 1/2 hours were awesome!
But there's something to which one has to remember...

"Remember remember, the unknown December..."
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i didnt make it this time. i got logged in then had a screen problem. reset it then came back in and got could not log you in servers offline so I was not seen this time


2016 Aug 01, 01:08:49 #37 Last Edit: 2016 Aug 01, 01:11:13 by ColeThePony/Toothless

The Legends of Equestria Open Server Weekend is NOW CLOSED!!!!
Welp. the open server weekend is closed. I heard LoE is releasing this December 2016.
So.. anywho.

My Favorite Moment is: I visited the castle in the everfree forest.

Dawnshy helped me get there. Thanks, Dawnshy!!

I want to thank the staff of the legends of equestria to make LoE Happen and bronies i met through the open server weekend

I took some highlights from the open server weekend...

It's on my twitter account at @mlp_ColeAndCail ( and Imgbox @

So. 'Till next time. Bye~Ni!

P.S Thanks to all the PVFM DJs for making the official party soundtrack of Legends of Equestria
I am out!


I got a better picture of everypony. :]

and, some more awesome screenshots


I wish I would have joined but it kept crashing on me!
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