The Servers are now Closed!

Started by Ellowee, 2016 Aug 01, 00:01:24

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Hi, everypony!

Our July Open Server Event is drawing to an end, and the servers are now once again offline. We from the Legends of Equestria team hope you enjoyed your weekend in Equestria, and can't wait to hear about all the fun you had - we know we did!

Have any pictures, videos, or stories from the Open Server? Why not share them with us on our , our , or our ? We love hearing your feedback, as it helps us to improve and make Legends of Equestria even better!

Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned in to our website for more Legends of Equestria news and announcements. See you next time!

Chicago Ted

Well, that was fun. Who's for Chinese?
Good night, and good luck.


Thanks for a wonderful open server weekend!  I'm looking forward to the game's opening.  In the meantime, kindly remember, y'all are awesome!  Stay awesome.

Proudy Hooves

Game Over!
Remember the December, guys!

More fun - less lags and bugs for everypony!
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Rasy (Flanniest Flan)

So much fun. I hope to see you all some day.


Despite the lag, I had a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone for making it an awesome last OSE. Love you all~!
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I had a lot of fun this Open Server Weekend! Lots of ponies showed up for hide and seek and I made many new friends! I hope to see many of you during Legend of Equestria's limited release!


It was super fun :)

Hope to see everyone again soon! ^-^
I'm from one of the last OSW before the main release! If you recognize me, feel free to send me a PM, i'm always looking forwards to reconnecting :)


That was so much fun! Always the best!  :D


Enjoyable...didnt run into as much problems this time.

Still, it is getting better bit  by bit. Hue...still I'd be curious to see what you fix in the span of four months... ovO
Wasnt expecting the sempwi dress though. But it kinda clips through the stallions chest so that should be corrected huehue. :]
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That was probably the best OSW I've ever attended!

Thank you once again for opening your servers, Legends of Equestria team! I hope I can apply in December! Remember me as Cherry Sweet, everyone! ^-^

I miss it already!

Yeah, sure; there may have been some resets and crashes, but they didn't get in the way of my fun! :3
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That was fun thank you for the open weekend and all the amazing ponies  <3 <3 <3
That was fun friend!  <3

Colt Zero

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Twas a great open server weekend! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I really enjoyed being able to give away free Sempai Dresses this time around. I managed to give away over 50 of them!   o.O
(I was that Olivine Ellva pony)

Bugs left me unable to complete a few quests, but I managed to complete almost all of them this time around.

The closing party was CRAZY  ovO

Looking forward to when the servers open up for the limited access release. Hopefully I'll be able to participate.

Here's a screenshot, so you can see that I was the Sempai Dress giveway pone!


Had a great time, got recognized by a lot of y'all this time around.  :P

I'll be hanging around the forums, checking in everyday. Message me if you like.

Free Hugs!


I think a record was broken!
I can't wait until December! :3

Mystic Rebel

Despite having been kicked off the servers a few times the other day, I had an OUTSTANDING time playing this! Everyone is super friendly, and my computer even held out until the very end! Hope you all had as much fun as I did, I hope to speak with you all soon!  :D


Fun fun weekend!

First time doing Hide and Seek and already going to miss that.  :D Ending party was crazy, I don't know how SCC fit so many ponies in without breaking.  lol

Hope to see a lot of you in the December opening. Hope I'll be able to get in for that matter, heh.
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It was a fun weekend, see you next time everypony  ^-^


it was fun , I hope you have a server for Brazilians. :D

the possibility for a server BR?


I had a great time during the weekend the servers were open. I have lots of snapshots from the game that i will treasure forever. But other than that. I cant wait for Decembers release.  0:)

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