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Started by RainbowPegasus, 2016 Jul 31, 23:26:05

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We should have a shout box added to the forums on the site so ponies that need to say something short and sweet can easily say it without having to create a forum thread. I used to play on a server that had a shout box on their forums and it made a communicating a lot easier for small issues.
I'm very good at troubleshooting. I might not be able to fix server or hardware issues, but I'll try to figure out what issue you have.


we do provide a chatbox feature at this time while the game is running it is disabled

it will return on Tuesday but you will see a chat tab at the top of the page

Princess Darcy

Indeed!  As Ryo said the chat was just disabled temporarily for this OSW and will be enabled tomorrow.  The link is up on the main bar beside "Messages".

As this is already implemented and the question answered, locking up!

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