Server changed and I'm stuck in "loading pony character"

Started by TheStig, 2016 Jul 31, 12:59:48

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What happened to Singapone server? It changed to Coltorado? It's good and all but now the ping is over 200 because I live in Asia. Now I can't get past the pony creation screen without the game disconnecting from the server. It tried to move me to another server but got stuck with it. I click cancel, relogin and still gets the same result but this one without moving me to another server but stays stuck on "loading pony character". Might be heavy server or poor server shard management, I hope the final release will have better server. If you don't mind I'm gonna list some other bugs here,

1) When going from windowed to fullscreen, if the in-game resolution is smaller than the screen's native, the screen will act as if it is still in windowed mode but the screen is already stretched to fullscreen. Thus, you'll have to move around the mouse to actually touch the button (I mean, the switches are not exactly on the button). I guess the game stretches to fullscreen without changing the computer's main screen to in-game resolution.

2) Not really a bug but the camera movement (especially while flying) is annoying with the camera smoothing. It would be best to make the camera movement to follow the mouse movement exactly without the smooth pan.

3) When creating ponies, sometimes some of the cutiemarks, mane and tail thumbnail in the small selection box disappears (but they are still there, just thumbnaill missing) but reappears after clicking next button and back button back and forth. But, I guess you guys aren't really focusing on fixing the bugs, just mainly get the function up and running, so I'm not really bothered. I hope 4 months is more than enough to fix bugs on the pony creation screen. Can't wait :3

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